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Cave diving the Topgun


The Topgun rebreather is a fully closed circuit, manual control mixed gas rebreather. There are 3 development units which have been dived extensively for the past 5 years, from the wrecks of Sydney Australia to the caves of North Florida, to the Andrea Doria.

The unit is now available for purchase, by application, to qualifying divers. Minimum prerequisite is trimix diver , with significant trimix/heliox diving experience. Commercial and military diving experience considered.



1st Female Diving the Andrea Doria on a rebreather.. Topgun.

Suzanne Dudas



 Duration  5-8 hours
 Max depth  400ft recommended max.
 Cylinders  User configurable will accept up to 2 x 20ltr tanks
 Automatic oxygen addition  No
 Integrated deco computer  No
 Gas switching capability  Built in
 Redundancy  To open circuit, 5 hour manual semi-closed bailout loop available
 Gas mix  Heliox recommended for all depths below 80 fsw
 PO2 display  3x LCD voltmeters, no software involvement
 PO2 sensors  3x Teledyne R22 sensors, 10mV output in air
 PO2 calibration  Via sealed 25 turn potentiometers
 Mouthpiece  Closed circuit only, Interspiro check valves
 Gas connections  All standard SCUBA low pressure inflator hoses
 Automatic diluent addition  No
 Breathing Bags  Highly puncture resistant, 45psi working pressure

Dive report #1



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